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    Chris Tecklenburg explains the concept of ecological site descriptions to range school students
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    Keith Harmoney of Fort Hays State talks about estimating forage quantities in native grasslands
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    Amy Hays of the Noble Foundation explains generational learning differences to range school students
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    Chris Tecklenburg of NRCS shares the concepts of soil textures to range school students
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    Eastern Range School student takes Plant Identification test
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Range Schools

Range Schools Our adult range schools cover a variety of topics annually but always cover the basics to sound range management; plant identification, grassland ecology, monitoring your range condition, ecological site descriptions and how to use them and where to find answers to management questions. The sessions are two days spread over 3 days to give you time for networking with each other and the instructors. Some ranchers take them more than once because they say" I learn new things every session".

Prescribed Burning

Prescribed Burning Together with our partner organization, the KS Prescribed Fire Council, KGLC promotes the safe use of prescribed fire as a grassland resource management tool. We help carry out training sessions on how to plan and perform burns, work with other organizations to help implement the KS Smoke Management Plan, help organize local prescribed burn associations of landowners and provide on the ground contract staff to assist landowners plan and carry out burns.

Prairie Management

Prairie Management KGLC uses various venues to promote the wise use of our grassland resources through cooperative management, economics, ecology, production, education and technical assistance programs. One of our web-based tools is the Kansas Prairie Primer which is a storehouse of history, current knowledge, links to current range and climatic conditions, and links to places to learn more about the management and enjoyment of the grassland resources of the state.

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