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National Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative

Once called the Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative or GLCI, the National Grazing Lands Coalition is a nationwide consortium of individuals and organizations working together to maintain and improve the management and the health of the Nation's grazing lands, mostly private but also public. The Coalition is driven by agricultural producers, conservation, scientific, watershed, erosion control, and other environmental organizations for the benefit of America's grazing lands resource. The NatGLC seeks to carry out its activities through local, state and national partnerships. It informs the public of the contributions well-managed grazing lands make to the quality of life of every citizen. The NatGLC is founded on the principles of voluntary action by those who own and manage grazing lands, and a respect for private property rights. The NatGLC emphasizes high quality, voluntary technical assistance, expanded grazing lands research and education, and a more knowledgeable and informed public.

The National Grazing Lands Coalition is led by a national steering committee dedicated to America's grazing lands resource and its sustainability. The NatGLC Steering Committee strongly encourages and works to help establish local, state, and regional partnerships to foster grazing lands conservation and stewardship. The Steering Committee is made up of individuals representing the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD), National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA), American Forage and Grassland Council (AFGC), American Sheep Industry (ASI), American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF), Society for Range Management (SRM), the Dairy Industry, the Soil and Water Conservation Society (SWCS), the National Farmers Union (NFU), and the Samuel Robert's Noble Foundation. In addition, they are supported by private organizations, the USDA, DOI, and federal agencies such as the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Agricultural Research Service, the Cooperative State Research, Extension, and Education Service, Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Fish and Wildlife Service, American Society of Agronomy, Extension Committee on Policy, and the Experiment Station Committee on Policy.

The NatGLC was established at a meeting in Bozeman, Montana in June 1991. The meeting was called by representatives of state and national agricultural, conservation, wildlife, and scientific organizations. The organizations were concerned about the declining level of technical assistance being provided by NRCS to owners and managers of particularly non-federal grazing lands. Organizers of the meeting believed that NRCS resources had been diverted from grazing lands to conservation compliance and other programs established in the 1985 farm bill. Twenty-two states were represented at the meeting. At this organizational meeting, six national organizations agreed to sponsor the NatGLC. They were AFBF, AFGC, ASI, NACD, NCBA, and SRM. Organizations that support the NatGLC appoint members to the National Steering Committee. These individuals are respected leaders, and producers, within those organizations.
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