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Kansas Ranching: Giving More than Just Land Presented by Kansas Grazing Lands Coalition, USDA & NRCS

Posted Wednesday October 7, 2020

Kansas rancher, Bill Sproul talks about the value of land easements and why he declined the opportunity of applying a land easement on his own ranch.

Bill was the 2015 Leopold Conservation Award Winner and shares his trials and tribulations of cattle ranching. He understands every cattle rancher has their own experience and environment. He is eager to learn from others, as well as, share what he has learned about ranching over the years.

Bill shares about how he had a great opportunity to apply an easement to his ranch a few years ago and why he declined. Part of his decision to decline was based on his thoughts on land ethics. Listen, as he shares his thoughts on opportunities for his own children and why he really does believe in land easements and how they can protect the land for future generations.

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