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Kansas Ranching:Kansas Prescribed Fire Council Invitation by Kansas Grazing Lands Coalition & USDA

Kansas Prescribed Fire Council Invites KS Ranchers to Collaborate with EPA to Discuss Air Quality
Posted Wednesday September 9, 2020

Bill talks about the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the current problems going on in the Flint Hills today.

Bill shares how important it was to Kansas ranchers that the EPA invited them to a seat at their table to discuss air quality solutions together, instead of just dropping the hammer and imposing regulations and fines to those using prescribed fire as a grassland management tool.

He shares how in 2010, the Kansas Prescribed Fire Council worked with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment-Bureau of Air Quality, Kansas ranchers and other partners with the goal of developing the Flint Hills Smoke Management Plan.

Together, they developed a voluntary program called the Smoke Model Plan. Find out more about how this plan works in this educational video today.

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