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Past Events: Exclude
January 2017
Date Event Time Location
01/19/17 Burn Training Workshop   Haskell Campus
01/25/17 Burn Training workshop   Eureka
KS Natural Resource Conference   Airport Hilton, Wichita, KS
February 2017
Date Event Time Location
02/03/17 Burn Training Workshop   Kingman
02/04/17 Winter Grazing Conference   Ramada, Topeka, KS
02/09/17 Comanche Pool Coffee Shop Talk 11:30 Protection Library
02/16/17 Comanche Pool Coffee Shop Talk 11:30 Ashland Library
02/16/17 Burn Training Workshop   Jeffrey Energy Center
02/21/17 Burn Training Workshop   Kinsley
02/22/17 Burn Training Workshop   Ottawa
02/23/17 Tall Grass Legacy Alliance Meeting   Hoy's Flying W Ranch near Clements
02/23/17 US Senate Ag Committee Field Hearing on Farm Bill TBA McCain Auditorium, KS State University
March 2017
Date Event Time Location
03/01/17 Burn Training Workshop   Uniontown
June 2017
Date Event Time Location
2017 Kansas Range Youth Camp   Camp Mennoscah, Murdock, KS
August 2017
Date Event Time Location
Western Range School   Camp Lakeside at Scott Lake
Eastern Range School   Camp Wood YMCA near Elmdale
February 2018
Date Event Time Location
02/02/18 Coffee Shop Meeting - What is Soil Health? 11:30am Protection Township Library
02/08/18 Coffee Shop Meeting - Cover Crop Economics 11:30am Ashland Library
02/15/18 Coffee Shop Meeting - Cow Efficiency 11:30am Wilmore Community Center
02/24/18 How to Not Go Broke Ranching 9:00am to 4:00pm 2310 Centennial Road, KSU Polytechnic Campus
02/24/18 2018 KGA Winter Conference 8:30am - 4:00pm Kansas State Polytechnic CampuS
May 2018
Date Event Time Location
05/07/18 KGLC Board Meeting   Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, Strong City,
05/29/18 Improving Pollinator Populations - Wilson KS 9:00am to 3:00pm Wilson, KS Meet at Made from Scratch Cafe
June 2018
Date Event Time Location
06/12/18 Improving Pollinator Populations - Welda KS  
06/26/18 Improving Pollinator Populations - Sun City 9:00am to 3:00pm Sun City KS
August 2018
Date Event Time Location
Kansas Range School - West or Mid & Short Grass   Ringneck Ranch
Kansas Range School - East or Tall Grass   Camp Wood YMCA near Elmdale, KS
Bottom Line Conference See attachment Kearny County Fairgrounds
February 2019
Date Event Time Location
02/21/19 Prescribed Burn Workshop 11:30am Ashland Library
02/28/19 Creating Drought Resilient Soils 11:30am Protection Township Library
March 2019
Date Event Time Location
03/07/19 Profitable Ranching—Is It possible? Yes! 11:30am Wilmore Community Center

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